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Lies Vandewege

Soprano lirico spinto

   Upcoming Projects

14th of January 2024

New Years Concert 

With Koninklijke Harmonie Eksaarde, Marc Weyers and Hans Peter Janssens. 

11am, Cultuurcentrum Lokeren, Belgium


21st of January 2024

Clarivoce trio

With Erwin van Bogaert and Katrijn Aper,

11am, Colibrant Lier, Belgium


23rd of February 2024

Concert with Koninklijk Familiakoor Edegem,

Tom van der Plas, Erwin van Bogaert and Ensemble

20 pm, Edegem, Belgium

About Me

The first time I performed on stage, I was 8 years old. 

As I grew older I realised there was nothing I loved more than being on a stage, to perform, to become a different character.

I started to explore the world of classical singing, opera, oratory and musical theatre. I feel very privileged to be able to transmit emotions through music, to be a servant of music.

I made it a personal goal to try to make the world a little bit more beautiful through music and with my voice.

The Guardian NY

Michael Coveney

'The pregnant ambience of the electronic score was punctuated with ravishing arias sung, a capella, by a fabulous soprano!'

The New York Times 

Zachary Woolfe

'The Soprano, Lies Vandewege sings, excellently, a capella Wagner excerpts! Ms Vandewege emits glorious phrases!'


Klassiek Centraal Belgium


Viviane Redant

'Beautiful songs full of dramatic outbursts, a dreamy vocal challenge for the expressive soprano Lies Vandewege. She emphasizes soberly yet passionately with a great deal of variation in timbre, articulation and phrasing in an amalgam of resistance and vulnerability.'


Lies Vandewege - Träume, R.Wagner




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